Accardo Engineering, PLLC

    Our firm provides a wide range of engineering consultant services to clients throughout New York and New Jersey. Following is a brief description of these services, as well as a list of recent projects and references. We concentrate on hands on type field services during all of the projects we are involved with.

   During each project, we perform inspections from hanging scaffold equipment before work begins, during the work and upon completion, in order to monitor the quality of the product and conformance to the design specifications prepared by this firm. 

Hands on experience is critical in this business as is open communication.

We pride ourselves in being available to our clients to review and discuss each project and all associated issues.


  • Preparation of Specifications and drawings for: 
   - Facade repair

   - Full facade replacement

   - Garage repair

   - Sidewalk and vault replacement

   - Window replacement

  • Preparation of detailed Specifications for the Rehabilitation or Replacement of:
   - Structural and veneer brick, masonry block and terracotta

   - Roofing and waterproofing systems

   - Terrace surfacing systems

   - Heat and hot water production systems

   - Plumbing and mechanical systems

   - Local Law 11 of 1998 Facade Inspections for Filing with the New York City Department of Buildings

  • Building inspections

  • Conditions Survey Report including examination of all structural, waterproofing and mechanical systems. These reports detail projected expenditures, remaining useful life and priority for repair of the various building systems and components. 

  • Leak investigation

  • Construction Phrase Services

  • We provide on site construction observation services to monitor the Contractor's adherence to Specifications and contract documents.

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Cost Estimates for Rehabilitation and Restoration projects

  • Review of commercial space renovation packages